A shout out to some incredible women

International Women’s Day is a time to reflect on progress made, to call for more change and to celebrate the courage and determination of everyday women. For me I want to celebrate and give a big shout out to the five women that have been a part of my communications journey.

Throughout my career in communications, I have been very fortunate to have had all female managers.  All five of these women have made a significant impact not only to my career but to my life.

After completing the Corporate Communications graduate program at Seneca College I landed an internship and extended contract at VHA Home HealthCare. This was the start of my communications journey and Pam helped me navigate going from what I learnt in school to what it’s like to be in the industry. One of the key things I have kept with me from my time with Pam is that you can have a lot of fun and express your creativity with internal communications.

My next adventure led me to working with Sofia and Rebecca at Extendicare. One of the key things I have taken away from Sofia is to take time to help others grow. Sofia always took the time out of her busy schedule to sit down with me and provide feedback on my writing. Her approach has helped my writing develop immensely and it has given me more confidence! Rebecca took me under her wing and we started having weekly check ins. During this time we would discuss accomplishments from the past week and things that I needed to continue to develop. This has been a great personal reflection tool and has helped me remember to celebrate everything especially the small things.

In my current role at AECOM, I have been working with Lauren and Anoushka. Lauren has helped me adjust to the consulting world and has been a great resource as she was in my role when she started with the company. Anoushka has been very supportive in helping me navigate different situations and finding solutions. I am very excited to continue my journey with Lauren and Anoushka because there is still a lot to learn.

I just want to give my endless thanks and gratitude to these five women who have been a part of my communications journey thus far. You have all been an inspiration to me and I hope that one day I can help the younger generation in the same way!

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