Why my family and I support McHappy Day

26 years ago I was born at Doctor’s Hospital in The Bahamas. At a week old I was readmitted to the hospital with a high fever, stayed a week and was released. I then began having seizures, so Dr. Bethel arranged for my parents to take me to Jackson Memorial Hospital in Miami. After extensive testing I was diagnosed with bacterial meningitis and would stay at the hospital for three weeks. While I was being treated my mom was offered a place to stay at the Ronald McDonald House.

My dad needed to return home to go back to work and look after my sister. The Ronald McDonald house was truly a life saver for my family as my mom would be staying alone with a sick child in a foreign country. Luckily during our stay both of my aunts flew down from Canada to visit and spend time with my mom at the house.

With so much going on each day in the hospital it was nice for my mom to be able return to the house each evening to chat with other families and get a good night sleep.

The Ronald McDonald houses are truly a home away from home for many families during such a difficult time. I strongly encourage you to stop by your local McDonald’s and support this wonderful charity because every little bit helps! Click here to learn more about McHappy Day.

Even today, we still talk about that difficult time in our families life and how The Ronald McDonald House Miami and the amazing doctors at Jackson Memorial helped me and my family.
My Aunt Nancy and I in my hospital room. As you can see parts of my head were shaved for the IV.

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